About Us


Qatar’s finest Fragrance Retailer SAIECO PERFUME specializes in the sale of Genuine Designer Fragrances, Oudh, Bukhoor, the of best Arabic Oriental Exotic Perfumes and Room Fresheners products and related gifts for men and women.


SAIECO PERFUME is an innovative leading fragrance house in Qatar,   with more than 50 years of experience in Oudh &Bukhoor.

Founded by Late Haji Mohammed Abdul Mumith in the early 1960’s, SAIECO PERFUME has grown from a modest trading house into most modern perfumes house in the region.

At SAIECO, perfume is not just another business activity, it is a love for the culture of Oudh, Bukhoor and Oriental fragrance. Decades of studying and experience enables us to break into the mainstream with finest choice of Oudh and Perfumes.

Nothing unlocks memories better than smell , therefore SAIECO is committed to deliver high quality products to its consumers that will aid in creating those memories through our fragrances.


SAIECO perfumes operates over three  retail stores in Qatar to meet the needs of today’s fashion-conscious, value-oriented consumers.

Our success is not only because of the wide selection of high quality products offered at substantial savings, but also because of the dedication of the people who provide superior customer service every day.

Our fragrance consultants are trained to provide personalized service and expert advice about today’s most popular fragrances, as well as the classic and hard-to-find fragrances. Meeting this need requires three basic principles: service, selection and quality. Because of the dedication and superior customer service offered by our Associates, SAIECO has been successful at upholding all three, while maintaining fantastic discount pricing.

Our Vision

Is to serve creative and innovative Designer & Nicheperfumes , Oudh and Bukhoor with high quality fragrance to our esteemed clients around the world.

Our Mission

To be the leader in the world of perfume, Oudh and Bukhoor   by delivering superior, creative & innovative products and services, cost effective and in high quality .

Our company will have a positive impact on its people and everyone it works with, acting with integrity and responsibility in an atmosphere of stewardship, partnership, teamwork and innovation.

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