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Embark on a regal olfactory journey with Imperial, a masterpiece from the distinguished Nashita. This opulent perfume is a celebration of sophistication and power, carefully curated with an exquisite selection of notes that evoke a sense of timeless luxury.


The fragrance unfurls with a triumphant burst of top notes, where the zesty effervescence of Sicilian bergamot meets the sweet and herbaceous davana, creating an intoxicating citrusy symphony. Pink pepper adds a touch of spice, infusing the opening with a subtle warmth that sets the stage for the grandeur to come.


As Imperial evolves, the heart notes emerge, showcasing a captivating blend that epitomizes elegance. Agarwood, renowned for its deep and resinous character, intertwines with the luminous glow of white amber, creating a harmonious balance. Rosemary lends its herbal charm, infusing the composition with a fresh and aromatic quality that adds depth and complexity.


The fragrance’s majestic finale is unveiled through the rich and lasting base notes. Leather, a symbol of opulence and strength, melds seamlessly with the sensuality of musk, creating a luxurious foundation that lingers on the skin. The earthy and smoky Haitian vetiver adds a touch of mystique, leaving an indelible mark that resonates with power and allure.


Imperial by Nashita is not just a perfume; it is an olfactory expression of sovereignty and refinement. This scent transcends boundaries, enveloping the wearer in an aura of distinction and authority.

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